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Bio stool


Beautiful by nature

The Bio padded stool is a comfortable and versatile product, proposed in the swivel or fixed version. the thin and enveloping line is obtained through the development of the backrest in 3D printed ABS. The concept on which the BIO project is based is to minimize the environmental impact both in the production phases and in the “end-of-life” decomposition. We decided to use 100% recycled ABS for the development of the shell, while the seat is made of laminated wood. The enveloping shape guarantees excellent containment and a comfortable support for the arms. The thin plastic material of the structure coupled with the PU padding make it slightly flexible, allowing it to accommodate the user’s movements, improving comfort.


Big range of product

Bio Stool is part of the new Bio range, a wide and complete range that exploits all the company know-how related to the management of padding and upholstery, adding the production and design possibilities of 3d printing. Quality and tradition in relationship with innovation and technology.


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Bio_stool_amb (3) Bio_stool_amb (1) bio_stool_SL (35)